Logo Designing

Logo Designing

Business bench consultancy provides many services and we make everything easy and quick for our clients. Business bench will clearly give guidelines about the logo designing. We will help you to attain a successful business through your logo.

A logo is a disparate design that used to define your business. When you start a new venture, the prime thing you should do is designing a logo. A logo gives a unique identity to your brand. Your brand gets popular among the consumers if your logo is attractive and your brand will easily reach the people when the logo and slogan is catchy and simple. The logo and slogan of your brand plays a major role in the success of your business. In today’s world every entity tries to reach people in multiple ways and the most important platform used to popularise a brand is social media. It also reach the consumers in the forms of mobile apps, sign boards and videos etc. So taking time in designing a logo in a creative and attractive way is very important when you start a new venture.

There are some important characteristics for the successful and attractive logo. You should remember those characteristics while designing a logo.

  • A logo should be simple because, people can easily remember and recognize your logo when it is simple.
  • A logo should be memorable. Your logo should seek attention and give a positive impression among the consumers.
  • A logo should be versatile. It should look great in both web device and in a print material.
  • A logo should be scalable. The logo should look good and neat when it scaled up or down.
  • A logo should be relevant. It should be relevant to your brand and it should convey the meaning of your work.
Aspects of Logo Designing
Word Mark

Word marks are the logos which contains only the text in a unique format. According to a recent survey 37% of logos are word marks among the logos of top 100 brands in the world. Words marks will be effective when the company name is unique and indelible.

Symbol Mark

Symbol marks are the logos which contains only symbol without any letters or words. Though we have great examples for symbol mark it is not recommended for a new start up. When you begin a new venture for a first time using a symbol mark may not provide the result you need. It is risky because, a symbol mark does not convey your entity name. In such cases consumers may not recognize you.

Letter Mark

Latter marks are the logos which contains the initial of your company name. It is very useful when the company name is too long or hard to pronounce.

Combinational Mark

Combinational marks are the logos which combines the symbol and word mark. It associates both the visual icon and the company name.


Emblem is the logos in which the text presents inside a symbol. The text and the symbol in the emblem are inseparable which looks like an official seal.

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