ISO Certification

ISO Registration

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ISO certification

The ISO certificate enhances a high quality for your business. It is issued by the ISO, an independent organisation which facilitates the development and creation. The ISO certificate gives a valuable credit to your brand and also it ensures that your product meets all the expectations and quality of your consumer.

Benefits of ISO registration
  • The ISO registration proves that your brand pays attention towards the quality
  • The ISO certificate gains consumer satisfaction by meeting their requirements
  • The ISO certificate improves your brand marketability
  • The ISO certificate increase your brand credibility
Documents required
  • Scanned copy of PAN card
  • Scanned copy of Aadhaar card or Voter ID
  • Two copies of sales or purchase bill
  • Passport-sized photograph
Certification process
Contract signing

You should sign a legal contract with ISO registrar. These documents hold the both parties rights and liabilities.

Review of the documents

After signing the contract your documents will be audited. In case of gaps in the documents, the auditor will find the gaps and suggest closing those gaps in the documents.

Action plan

It’s your responsible to close the gaps in the document, if you are aware of it. You can become an ISO compliant if u make your action plan according to the suggestions given by the auditor.

Certification audit

The auditor will check whether you have implemented all the suggestion made by him/her. Then the auditor sees if your system’s non-conformities match the standard of the ISO certification. You should ensure that the non-conformities match the standard of the ISO certification. The auditor will recheck for the second time before he gives his report to the registrar. The registrar will issue the ISO certification after they receive the report of the auditor.

Even after getting your certificate the auditor will set a time frame to audit your system to check if they are ISO compliant. The ISO certifications time frame for small companies is 6 to 8 months, 8 to 12 months for the large companies, and 12 to 15 months for the big companies.

ISO Standards
  • ISO 9001- Quality management
  • ISO 10012- Measurement management systems
  • ISO 2768-1- General tolerances
  • ISO 14001- Environmental management
  • ISO 18001- Occupational Health & safety management
  • ISO 19011- Guidelines for auditing management
  • ISO 20000-1- Information technology management
  • ISO 22000- Standard for food safety
  • ISO 27001- Information media security system
  • ISO 31000- Risk management
  • ISO 4217- Currency codes
  • ISO 50001- Energy management
  • HACCP- Hazard analysis critical control point
  • CE MARK- For certain products sold within European Economic Area
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