Agmark Registration

Agmark Registration

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AGMARK is a mark certified by the Indian government to ensure the quality and standard of all the agricultural products. It is introduced under the Agricultural Produce (Grading & marking) Act. AGMARK is a combination of two words, AG and MARK. The word AG refers to agriculture and the word MARK refers to certification. The testing of these products is done by the state owned laboratories which includes pesticide residue, microbiological analysis, and chemical analysis etc. There are about 213 commodities present under this process including vegetable oil, pulses, cereals, and semi-processed goods. The other group and its number of commodities are mentioned below:

  • 1. Fruits and Vegetables- 51 commodities
  • 2. Spices and Condiments- 27 commodities
  • 3. Food grain and allied products- 30 commodities
  • 4. Vegetable oils and Fats- 19 commodities
  • 5. Livestock, Dairy and poultry products- 10 commodities
  • 6. Edible nuts- 8 commodities
  • 7. Oil seeds- 17 commodities
  • 8. Oil cakes- 8 commodities
  • 9. Essential oils- 8 commodities
  • 10. Fibre crops- 5 commodities
  • 11. Other products- 30 commodities

Agmark is an Indian government quality certification mark. It is not mandatory for all the products to use this mark. It should be used only in the products which relates to the safety of the consumers.

Documents Required for the Application Process
  • Name of the applicant
  • Name of the firm
  • Address of the firm
  • An attested copy of the test report from the independent Agmark laboratory
  • Product sample should be provided in small sachets
  • Authorised documents of the establishment of the firm
  • The memorandum of association should be provided if the applicant is a company
  • The written partnership deed should be provided if the applicant is a partnership firm
  • Name of the products which need the Agmark certification
  • Should mention the total gross product for the previous year in k.g
  • Turnover of the company in the previous year
Documents Required for Registration
  • Application form
  • Demand draft for Rs.1000
  • Map of the factory
  • Machinery list
  • Company registration certificate
  • Trademark registration certificate
  • Memorandum of the company

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